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Greetings friends & readers:

After a long life on WordPress, I’ve decided that the content of Lady Medusa’s Blog is more appropriate for Tumblr. While you can still catch me on WordPress at Girl About T.O.wn, Lady Medusa’s Blog will now be located here. 



Tell ‘Em

Speak Something Special

Just found this spoken word track by Californian George Watsky. I’m loving how he celebrates difference and doesn’t shy away from his so-called impediment. The courage of the human heart amazes me 🙂


When She Learns to Love Again

The He(art) of Non-Attachment

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about attachment and desire, so it seems fitting to me that I would find this specific video at this specific time in my life. I love Michael Stone’s pragmatism and honesty, which is reflected in the video’s clean-cut and sincere editing. Really well done. I think it’s time to start yoga again.


How to Wear Joy

like a summons for

Just when you thought your heart was stitched forever, you hear a song like this and you’re bursting at the seams again.

Behold the beautiful, melancholic sound of  Typhoon and their song entitled “Ghost Train:. (Side note: I am LOVING their website). Shout out to NewDaniel for the heads-up.

Favourite lyrics: :and a choice was made // but would you wait // i ran down to the railway //but i was late

Don’t Count the Feathers, Just Count the Wings

The Rain that Will Make the Flowers Grow

I Don’t Think You’re Right for Him

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