Something old and Something new: "Come Around Sundown" Album Review

So rarely does a band distinguish a sound so unique and fresh yet remain so classic and familiar. Come around Sundown—the fourth album by the four Followill boys known as the Kings of Leon—proves the band capable of withstanding the test of fame.

After the success of Only by the Night, which includes popular tracks “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody,” many music fans wondered whether the Kings of Leon would be able to remain true to their edgy rock roots while still appealing to mainstream listeners.

Come Around Sundown, which hit North American music stands October 19th, sounds like something you’ve already heard before without feeling cliché or typical; just as some of the best books tell us what we already know, sometimes the best music makes us feel strangely at home inside new sounds.

It’s music authored by the past and present, a product of today yet a by-product of the yesterdays of classic rock. Lead singer Caleb Followill’s spine-shivering voice and the loose, psychedelic feel of the music echoes the sounds of Led Zeplin while remaining distinctly modern. And it’s precisely this blend of old and new that makes the Kings so popular, so immediately iconic, and so well-received by generations of music lovers.

The deluxe edition offers three remakes from Only by the Night, including a new rendition of “Closer” that will make your toes curl.

You, shimmy shook my bone

Leaving me stranded all in love on my own

Favorite Tracks: “Mary,” track #4, sounds like jukeboxes, strawberry shakes, Frankie Valli and everything wonderful from the ‘50s; “Pickup Truck,” track #13: sounds like the first time you lost love.

For more information and to listen, visit:


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