On not going to the Florence + the Machine Concert

Tonight, for the second time, Ms. Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine will grace Toronto with her presence. And tonight, also for the second time, this amazon will not be at the concert.

I feel like I’ve just blown off a long-standing and much needed coffee date with a really good friend—for the second time. She’s already at the coffee shop waiting, and I’m the asshole who has to call her cellphone and tell her I’m not going to make it. She’s already seated and ordered two cappuccinos. She sighs but assures me it’s okay, but I hear the disappointment in her voice:

Lady Medusa: Sorry, Florence and the Machine. I’d love to see you at Sound Academy tonight, but I sincerely have no money. I quit my job to become a writer.

Florence: But Medusa, when I was here last year, you said you couldn’t come to see me because you were studying. Now you’ve graduated, and you have no money?

Medusa: Yes, I studied literature.

Florence: Okay ….well….. next time, I  guess.

(aside)  I get the point, Medusa, you don’t like me. I’ll just stop calling you.

Dear Florence:

You need to know I love you, and I’m sorry I’m not there tonight. Please don’t stop playing Toronto shows and please come again when I am rich and famous.


– Lady M


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