The Ten Commandments for Women

Ten Commandments for Women:

By the Lady Medusa

  1. Honor thyself. Honor thyself by knowing thyself. Know your desires, your dreams, and your body—your body, with its surfaces and orifices, its scars and lumps. For thou art a god, and thou shall have no other gods before thyself.
  2. Thou shall not compromise thyself. After knowing thyself, be true to thyself. Do not shy away from you, with your intricacies and eccentricities, for you are the creative being.
  3. Thou shall not fear. Or, if thou does fear, know that fear is an affect meant to control  you. Know that fear is an illusion, yet it is the most paralyzing illusion you can hold. Fear is a lion. If you are faced with a lion, do not run— animals can smell fear. Instead, stare the lion in the face and roar, for you, too are a lion.
  4. Thou shall not hate other women: they are not your rivals or your competition, they’re your sisters, your allies, your tribe. They are you.
  5. Thou shall not be silent; do not bite your tongue, for a spliced tongue inhibits a loud voice. Speak your peace.
  6. Thou shall not choose conventionality, compliancy or mediocrity because its easier; take the path less travelled and explore the untredded terrain of femininity outside the parameters of patriarchy
  7. Thou shall dance. Move your body freely, and regain the resilience you lost the moment you began seeing yourself rather than feeling yourself.
  8. Thou shall eat. Thou shall not restrict thy appetite—physically, mentally, spiritually, creatively, sexually. A real woman eats.
  9. Honor your mother. Know where you came from, and honor her. Know the lineage of woman that you’ve followed. Know your mother’s mother and her mother before that. Know the woman who’ve come before you: Athena, Auston, Atwood, Astell, Moodie, Mary, Medusa, Hurston, Woolf, Plath. These woman are your mothers just as evidentially as your navel.
  10. You are woman. You shall not make wrongful use of thy name. You shall not allow others to make wrongful use of thy name. Cunt, slut, sweetheart shall not be tolerated. You are a woman, and woman is your name. Demand your name.
  11. Thou shall break rules: exceed limits, boundaries and expectations. When the world gives you ten, ask for eleven. Taste the apple your father forbade.

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