Rebekah Higgs: Halifax Sounds Ready to Rock Toronto

It’s always a strange experience meeting an artist before you’ve met their art. It usually it happens the other way around: you see a painting or hear a band, and your prompted to do a little research: you watch interviews and you-tube videos; you read their bio online, and your research informs your opinion about the artist’s ideals, goals, and overall personality.

But as a journalist in the wonderful city of Toronto, you brush elbows with some fantastic and creative artists before being exposed to their work. Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting this up-and-coming female musician. More after the jump..

Rebekah Higgs is a Halifax-born singer/songwriter whose ready to take the Toronto Indie music scene by storm. Her self-titled album was released in North America in September 2006, and her 2007 album, Outside Music was nominated for an award at the East Coast Music Awards under the categories of best female solo recording and best new artist.

Together with her band (Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees) Higgs has toured across Canada, opening for big names such as Cindy Lopper. Higgs is also starring in an upcoming movie —which I’m not certain I’m allowed to talk about, so I’ll omit the details for now.

Keep your eyes on this Indie Amazon: she’s destined for great things.



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