The Teaches of Peaches

By: Guest Blogger Christina Bonner

Although her recent album “I Feel Cream” (2009) should outline for any skeptics the “ins and outs” of Peaches’ politics, it should be no surprise that this Electro-pop artist is a natural fit in Medusa’s collection of amazons. This home-grown Torontonian has just finished wrapping up her DJ tour, which followed immediately after her one-woman show, “Peaches Christ Superstar,” a cheeky rendition of Webber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

A few of Peaches’ amazon credentials include:

1.  The fact that “boys wanna be her the girls wanna be her”

2. The fact that fans can buy a gunmetal-silver cast grill of her teeth

3. Her unitard collection, which could rival any 80’s figure skater.

Although it is not simply her pussy-light and shaved mohawk that help round-out Peaches’ amazon resume,  these elements underline one indisputable fact:  Peaches is one rock solid lady.

What “diddles my skittle” about Peaches is the way she establishes the female erotic in a positive and transgressive fashion. Through her work, she positions all sexualities and their expressions in a more mainstream context. Her work builds a fluid representation of sexuality— an element glaringly absent from most pop culture music.

Essentially, what qualifies Peaches as an amazon is not her “gender-bending” attitude, as many would proclaim. But rather, the way she embodies sex and gender in an accepting, transgressive, and limitless way: you can be a vixen, a vamp, a vulnerable or a voyeur; the boundaries are endless. Not to mention she can rock the guitar, key-tar, drums, and turntables. She even invents her own instruments! Move over Joan Jett. It’s time for the Teaches of Peaches.

Christina Bonner has recently complete her master’s degree in Communication and Culture at Ryerson University. Music has always played an important role in her life, proven most strongly through her thesis work, which focuses  on gender fluidity and sexual hierarchies in the music of Peaches. As she moves away from the Teaches of Peaches, Bonner hopes to apply her love for the outdoors, gender activism and communications to her future career. She’s wicked smart, and a really cool girl.



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