Goodbye Ghost

I climbed this high

until I reached you—

skyscraper of my mind

that unmutable god

father of my longing

to you, I pinned my desire

and it trailed you like tail,

followed you for forty days

and we’d thought that sea had parted.

For you, I lay my torso like luggage

and to fit I folded in each limb

shrink-wrapped my best parts to fit

for you, I’d severed my big toe

But you left me at the doorstep

like some forgotten longing

An old abandoned briefcase

made statue of my mind

so i sent myself sailing

through city streets to find you

I hovered above the pale light

wet sidewalks reflecting streetlight moon,

but found only your florescent ghost

and even He

was holding someone else’s hand

on the celling of my mind

you’re in my bed again

you’re knocking on my heart’s door

because you’re all out

and you need your fix

(and we all have our addictions)

So I deliver my drug like milk

at the feet of your shrine

I roll a memory of you

and between that burning paper find

that letter I wrote of your body

(Seethed between moments unseen

pressed between pages unread)

Torso beneath sheets

then days become weeks

and we, too shall die

The flickering light I find

reminds me fire dies

and this to shall pass

But until it’s extinguished

through blue nights it roams

like the old archetype

wandering for its womb

Your immaterial being finds me

crawls beneath my skin like maggots

the festering memory of you—

crawls back into my bed.


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