Meeting Margaret

There are about six items on my bucket list, and meeting Margaret Atwood is was (!) one of them. This morning, Canada’s most treasured literary icon delivered a sermon as a part of the Craddock Lecture Series at Bloor St United Church. The topic of Atwood’s lecture was “Religion: Recovering our Roots.”

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Atwood’s sermon dealt with the relationship between nature and religion, tracing our increasingly mechanized understanding of nature & the self throughout modernity; “It’s only recently that Christianity came unglued from nature,” Atwood said.

After the lecture, Atwood took questions from the audience, and I asked her thoughts on social media and social change; I was particularly interested in the author’s thoughts on Twitter, especially given the recent stir she caused for speaking out against the Brothers Ford.  Here is an audio recording of my question and Atwood’s response:

I brought my annotated copy of The Edible Woman and Ms. Atwood signed it for me!! 

Just another day in the life of the Lady M.


4 thoughts on “Meeting Margaret

    • Thanks for reading, Maneesh: I’m still working the rest of the bucket list out. I know that I’d like to 1) publish my first novel 2) write a column for The Globe & Mail 3) travel the world 4) get a dog … I’ll let you know as the list evolves!

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