Speak Something Special

Just found this spoken word track by Californian George Watsky. I’m loving how he celebrates difference and doesn’t shy away from his so-called impediment. The courage of the human heart amazes me 🙂



How to Wear Joy

Just found this feminist fatale, Katie Makkai. Your heart will cheer as she performs “Pretty.”

The Rain that Will Make the Flowers Grow

Acting Like a Church Kid Addicted to Pornography

At the Root of Me

“The Love that Binds Us”

Just found this awesome & inspiring video on YouTube of Iowan Zach Wahls speaking on his experience having been raised by two women.


At points, his address sounds like poetry, reminding me on the power of spoken word.


Love You Like

New Spoken Word track entitled “Love You Like” by The Lady Medusa.

All Images via the WeHeartIt Community & Photographer Viki Bee. Music from Ray Lamontagne’s album, Till the Sun Turns Black, song titled “Empty.”


Tonight We Pray in Poem

I Left a Poem in Your Mouth

Just found this spoken word track entitled “Yarn” by my favorite living poet Andrea Gibson 

Favorite lines:

“That night when you kissed me, I left a poem in your mouth / You can hear some of the lines every time you breathe out.”

“I keep poems like secrets / then tell them when I’m tired of hiding who I am”

“In your arms I forget what the yarn knows of sweaters / I forget how to hold myself together / so if I  unfold now like a love letter / tell me you’ll write back soon”

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