When She Learns to Love Again

I’m pretty sure this is why YouTube was invented.


The He(art) of Non-Attachment

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about attachment and desire, so it seems fitting to me that I would find this specific video at this specific time in my life. I love Michael Stone’s pragmatism and honesty, which is reflected in the video’s clean-cut and sincere editing. Really well done. I think it’s time to start yoga again.


The Rain that Will Make the Flowers Grow

I Don’t Think You’re Right for Him

SemPictures in the Sun

I spent the lovely afternoon yesterday worshiping the sun in Trinity Bellwoods Park before lunching in Kensington with my good friend Semco Salehi of SemPictures.

He always knows how to make me feel pretty…

Learn more about SemPictures here and follow him @SemSoldier. Facebook page here.

Get in Shape, Rob Ford

Deer Mayor Ford:

How Cum U so GREAT at trimmin da budget for Toronto’s librariez but you still can’t trim ura waste? I can’t RIGHT or REED no more. Shouldn’t you be so skinny now, since you so good at CUTTING?

Image via Blog TO

UPDATE: Rob Ford quits diet three weeks early

Where it all Begins

… and at once I knew I was not magnificent

My Eyes are not the First to cry

Let’s Start a Drum Circle in Bellwoods Park

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