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Just when you thought your heart was stitched forever, you hear a song like this and you’re bursting at the seams again.

Behold the beautiful, melancholic sound of  Typhoon and their song entitled “Ghost Train:. (Side note: I am LOVING their website). Shout out to NewDaniel for the heads-up.

Favourite lyrics: :and a choice was made // but would you wait // i ran down to the railway //but i was late


Don’t Count the Feathers, Just Count the Wings

I Don’t Think You’re Right for Him

Where it all Begins

… and at once I knew I was not magnificent

Only Love is all Maroon

Saturday is a great day to fall in love ….  with Bon Iver, that is. Though the band was founded by folk music singer-songwriter Justin Vernon, he’s too modest to take all the credit: “Bon Iver is often equated with just me,” he says, “but you are who surrounds you.”

Who do you surround yourself with? What elements do they bring to your life? If our company is a reflection of who we are, then looking into the faces of friends and loved ones is like looking into a mirror. What do you see?

Favorite lyrics: “Only love is all maroon / Gluey feathers on a flume / Sky is womb and she’s the moon”


I discovered this singer a few days ago and have been exploring her work since. Just this afternoon I found an amazing clip of Selah Sue performing “Ain’t No Sunshine” and was in the process of posting it when I discovered something even better— a clip of her performing my favourite song, Summer (Don’t Bring me Joy). Watch this 21-year-old Euro Amazon go into a trance-like state while delivering her music; she sings and it seems she’s somewhere else entirely; Beauty.

Want to learn more about Selah Sue? Check out her bio here.

Face the Dark

I love finding artists like this: underground, unknown artists who will surely be famous in a few years. This way I can say I was a fan from the beginning.

Selah Sue’s soulful and jazzy melodies have warmed my heart this frosty January morning… Fyah Fyah. More on this amazon here

“Can You Make it Feel Like Home?”

New song “Born to Die”  from @LanaDelRey. The way the video is shot makes me think that she really wants you to listen to the song & let it tell its own story rather than let the video tell it for you.

What do you think about the American flag draped in the background? You can let me know in the comments.

Favourite line: “Oh my heart, it breaks / every step that I take / but I’m hoping at the gates/  they’ll tell me that your mine”

Update: Full video released:

Je Veux

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