When She Learns to Love Again

I’m pretty sure this is why YouTube was invented.


How to Wear Joy

Just found this feminist fatale, Katie Makkai. Your heart will cheer as she performs “Pretty.”

like a summons for

Just when you thought your heart was stitched forever, you hear a song like this and you’re bursting at the seams again.

Behold the beautiful, melancholic sound of  Typhoon and their song entitled “Ghost Train:. (Side note: I am LOVING their website). Shout out to NewDaniel for the heads-up.

Favourite lyrics: :and a choice was made // but would you wait // i ran down to the railway //but i was late

The Rain that Will Make the Flowers Grow

I Don’t Think You’re Right for Him

Where it all Begins

My Eyes are not the First to cry

Sing Your Heart Out

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