Speak Something Special

Just found this spoken word track by Californian George Watsky. I’m loving how he celebrates difference and doesn’t shy away from his so-called impediment. The courage of the human heart amazes me 🙂



The Rain that Will Make the Flowers Grow

Love You Like

New Spoken Word track entitled “Love You Like” by The Lady Medusa.

All Images via the WeHeartIt Community & Photographer Viki Bee. Music from Ray Lamontagne’s album, Till the Sun Turns Black, song titled “Empty.”

“Stage” by Zora Howard

I’ve been eating poetry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just found this Spoken Word track by Zora Howard, a spoken word artist from NYC. Respect.

Favorite line: “This was never a show or a telltale this was hell held and calmed in my palms”

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