When She Learns to Love Again

I’m pretty sure this is why YouTube was invented.


The He(art) of Non-Attachment

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about attachment and desire, so it seems fitting to me that I would find this specific video at this specific time in my life. I love Michael Stone’s pragmatism and honesty, which is reflected in the video’s clean-cut and sincere editing. Really well done. I think it’s time to start yoga again.


She was not free any longer. Each step through the streets hurt her now. She was tied to him—and he was tied to every part of the city. He was a nameless worker doing some nameless job, lost in these crowds, dependant on them, to be hurt by any one of them, to be shared by her with the whole city. She hated the thought of him on the sidewalks people had used. She hated the thought of a clerk handing him a pack of cigarettes across the counter. She hated the elbows touching his elbows on a subway train.

– From Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. 

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