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Greetings friends & readers:

After a long life on WordPress, I’ve decided that the content of Lady Medusa’s Blog is more appropriate for Tumblr. While you can still catch me on WordPress at Girl About T.O.wn, Lady Medusa’s Blog will now be located here. 



Don’t Count the Feathers, Just Count the Wings

Hello? It’s me, the Mistress

Get in Shape, Rob Ford

Deer Mayor Ford:

How Cum U so GREAT at trimmin da budget for Toronto’s librariez but you still can’t trim ura waste? I can’t RIGHT or REED no more. Shouldn’t you be so skinny now, since you so good at CUTTING?

Image via Blog TO

UPDATE: Rob Ford quits diet three weeks early

Meeting Margaret

There are about six items on my bucket list, and meeting Margaret Atwood is was (!) one of them. This morning, Canada’s most treasured literary icon delivered a sermon as a part of the Craddock Lecture Series at Bloor St United Church. The topic of Atwood’s lecture was “Religion: Recovering our Roots.”

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I Want to do Something Special

Back with a Vengeance

The Ten Commandments for Women

Ten Commandments for Women:

By the Lady Medusa

  1. Honor thyself. Honor thyself by knowing thyself. Know your desires, your dreams, and your body—your body, with its surfaces and orifices, its scars and lumps. For thou art a god, and thou shall have no other gods before thyself. Continue reading

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